Items stored in the shop and sold to us. Loot monsters and get items. Well, how do you use it? It can be used in battle. It can be used to get more GP. Well, what are the items.

List of itemsEdit

Name Found in Effect Rarity
HP potion Shops,Monsters,Chest Heals 2 HP -,Chosen,40%
MP potion Shops,Monsters,Chest Restores 2 MP -,Chosen,40%
 Pistol     GunShop                Ranged Attacking  Special Item
XP coin Monsters Get 1 more XP Chosen
Gold Jackpot Boss,Chests Obtain 10 GP! Chosen,20%
  Rifle     GunShop                                 Ranged Attacking,Flamible        Special Item
  SubMechine Gun    GunShop                 Ranged Attack,Rapiy Shot   Special Item
Bomb of death Boss Use in battles, -10HP Chosen
Sword Shops Adds 1 power. *Note: there is no "power" in stats, so just remember you have a sword.

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