As you can see, there are boxes at the top. They are stats. There are many stats.


Experience points and Level, respectively. You can get 1 XP from fighting a monster, or losing a PvP, and 3 XP if you fight a boss, or Winning a PvP. Every 5 XP will grant you a level. your HP and MP adds +2 maximum points.

HP & MPEdit

Health points and Mana/Magic points, respectively. They are used in battle. Attacks reduce HP but not maximum HP. When your HP reaches 0, you lose the battle. MP are used to activate a spell. When your MP reaches 0, you can't use spells,but you can use the attack "Recharge". Then, your MP adds up 2. HP and MP get +2 maximum every 1 Level.


Main article: Attacks


Gold points, respectively. You get 1 every day if you come to the RPG. You get 3 if you win fighting a monster, and 5 if you fight a boss. If you win a PvP, you get 1. GP are used to buy items in the shop.


Main article: Items

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